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Brick Women's Physicians is committed to the principle that tending to the medical as well as the psychological needs of the total woman must be an essential component of the new standard in women's health and wellness care.

Our physicians deal with such issues as routine breast and pelvic examinations, menstruation problems, peri-menopausal medicine, adolescent medicine and PMS/PMDD.  We also offer traditional and recent innovations in contraception.

Brick Women's Physicians specializes in the unique medical problems confronting our growing population of elderly patients.  We provide osteoporosis treatment, cancer screening and sensitive post-menopausal care.

Brick Women's Physicians is also skilled and experienced in performing laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures, as well as conventional gynecological surgery.  

During your pregnancy, expectant mothers will frequently see   Dr. Ann Pagano, Dr. Darlene Morgan and Dr. Paul Vetter for their prenatal care. By the time you deliver your baby, you will know your physicians, and they will know you.

In short, we help our patients cope with virtually every aspect of simply being a woman in today's complex and often stressful world.


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Darlene Morgan, MD Ann Pagano, MD Paul Vetter, MD